Training day with Jonne & Lukas 9.6.2019


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Kurssin jälkeen osaat treenata paremmin ja viisaammin. Näin pystyt kehittymään taas uudelle tasolle.

The training day will have both theoretical and practical aspects. During the lectures we will dig into the importance of aerobic training for Crossfit and how to implement it into your training regiment.

We will talk about how we use heart rate to monitor our training intensity and how you can periodize your own season. We are really big on measuring our own progress and use specific tests to do so.

During the practical parts of the training we will do one test for the aerobic system and one test for the anaerobic system with you.

The goal is to give you the tools to measure your own progress.

During the second training session we will also show you how we implement skill work into our training and how to effectively practice them in a fresh and fatigued state.

  • Duration of the camp is 6h-7h depending on the size of the group.
  • It will include 3 short lectures (30-45min each)
  • 2 training sessions (1-2h each)
  • 1h break.

Please find the schedule for the camp below.

  • klo 10-16
  • Introduction
  • Lecture 1: The importance of aerobic systems & how to implement in your training
  • Workout 1: Aerobic test
  • Lecture 2: Test results and how to implement to your training (training zones,HR,tressholds), periodization (season planning, competitions)
  • Workout 2: Anaerobic power test Gymnastic skills, high power output intervals, accessories/mobility
  • Lecture 3: Nutrition, Supplementation Q and A


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