Keskiviikko 12.6.2019

Ring skills:

  • Ring holds and push ups /  dip
  • Inverted hang + lowers

”Tapata This” (total 24 mins)

  • Tabata Row
  • Tabata Air Squats
  • Tabata Pull-Ups
  • Tabata Push-Ups
  • Tabata Sit-Ups

*Perform a Tabata interfal (eight rounds of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest) of each movement – for a total of 40 intervals.

*Each Tabata is followed by 1 minute of rest. Score for each movement is the lowest number of reps (or calories on the rower) performed in any of the eight intervals.

*Total score is sum of the lowest score for each movement.

Rookie WOD klo 18 Tempauksen treenaamista + 3 rounds: For quality and moderate weights 

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